Unsolicited messages that promote or sell a product or service, whether sent to many recipients or just one, may be subject to certain legal requirements. While LinkedIn gives recipients options with respect to messages received on our platform and/or corresponding email notifications, as you are the sender of such a message, please consider prominently identifying it as such and including in it your postal address. Recipients may also appreciate the inclusion of a link to your email unsubscribe webpage, with a clear note that it enables recipients to opt out of off-LinkedIn emails, and does not control InMail settings. Please do not send promotional and sales messages to recipients who have already 'declined' a prior InMail or otherwise indicated that they don't wish to receive additional messages from you on LinkedIn.

For more information regarding a U.S. law that may apply, CAN SPAM, the Federal Trade Commission provides a short and simple compliance FAQ.  For more information on a Canadian law that may apply, CASL, see the following FAQ.

Note: This general answer is not legal advice and we encourage customers to consult their attorney.